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I started Purring Palette because, like you, I am obsessed with my animals. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, our three cats, and one rascally rabbit. Although I do the all of the painting, this is a family business because I couldn't do it without all of them. Scroll to get to know us a little better.



Full-Time Husband,
Part-TIme Cat-Whisperer

This man is the best cat and bunny Dad in the world. He also helps keep Purring Palette running smoothly with his love, encouragement, and willingness to look the other way when his wife gets paint everywhere. 



Director of Operations

Hobbes delegates the majority of studio operations to the artist as he is primarily focused on confirming the existence of gravity in the studio. He is selective in his choice of unsecured test objects and has personally knocked over the paintbrush canister over a dozen times since our launch. Although we have never had any reason to believe the brushes will float away, we appreciate his dedication to the task. 



Catering Manager

Fitz ensures that our four-legged team members never get hungry on the job by regularly announcing that it is snacktime. Although it may seem that he is solely food-motivated, his focus always remains on the work - going so far as to steal the artist's snacks as well so that she doesn't get distracted. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. 



Supply Chain Specialist

Big jobs require big paws. As a polydactyl kitten, Anouk is equipped to handle the biggest job: making sure the studio is well-stocked. She inventories the paint daily, as well as our supply of hair ties, toy mice, pilfered socks, bits of string, and caps. She knows the importance of a prepared workspace and takes her role very seriously, often doing zoomies as late as 2 AM to inspect the studio.



Retired Artist's Assistant

The oldest of the team, and the wisest. As as art studio veteran, she has earned her time to nap under the easel during working hours. She was knocking over paints long before the rest of the bunch, so she's leaving the work to the young ones.

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